One morning, a Black guy, a Jewish guy, a Mexican...

One morning, a Black guy, a Jewish guy, a Mexican, and a regular white guy were sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. While stretching his legs, the black guy accidentally kicks an old lamp that was laying on the sidewalk. Suddenly they were enveloped in smoke and from it emerged a huge genie."Gentlemen," says the genie in a big, booming voice, "today is your lucky day. I've been stuck in that lamp for a thousand years. I will now grant each of you a wish. The Black gentleman first since he was the one who actually freed me.""Any wish?" the Black guy asks."Anything you wish gentlemen. Vast amounts of wealth, happiness, your life's aspirations, anything," replies the genie."You know, Mr. Genie, says the Black guy, we've been in this country for 500 years, and still there's discrimination, prejudice, no matter how hard we work. So I want me and all Black people to be sent back to Africa. Then, we can be amongst ouselves, just live off the land, and be happy."Poof! All Black people are in Africa.The genie looks at the Jewish guy and says, "and you sir.""I've thought very hard about this, says the Jewish guy. "My people thought this was our new Promise Land. Instead we're still hated and bigotry is still very strong after all these years. Therefore, I want you to deliver my people back to Israel. There we can be amongst ourselves, live off the land, and be happy."Poof! All Jews are in Israel."How about you senor," booms the genie to the Mexican."Senor Genie, says the Mexican, we do all the hard, unwanted jobs in this country. As a result of this hard work, we are despised, laughed at, and disrespected. So please, can you bring us all back to Mexico? So we can be amongst ourselves, just live off the land, and be happy."Poof! And all Mexicans are in Mexico."And now you sir," the genie turns to the white guy, "what will be your pleasure today?""Let me get this straight. Are you telling me that all Blacks are back in Africa, all Jews are in Israel, and all Mexicans went back to Mexico?" inquires the white guy, slightly trembling with anticipation."Yup! You are correct sir," the genie replies."In that case," said the white guy, grinning happily, tears of joy streaming down his face, "may I please have a Diet Pepsi?"

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