The young reporter covering Isreali politics took ...

The young reporter covering Isreali politics took an apartment within sight of the Wailing Wall. Each day she would watch the faithful pray.One rabbi in particular stood out, so fervent were his prayers.One evening she approached him;"Rabbi, I'm a reporter from America, from my window, each day, I see you pray in the morning and evening at this wall faithfully and with great zeal. How long have you been doing this?""I pray at the wall, twice a day for 30 years." was the reply."Tell me Rabbi, what is it that you pray for?""I pray at the wall for peace. Peace of mind, peace among nations, peace among families, peace among friends, peace among all people. Each day, twice a day, I come to the wall and I pray." "Tell me Rabbi, when you pray, are your prayers answered?"What are you kidding? It's like talking to a wall!"

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