Two hunters were hunting deer when one accidently ...

Two hunters were hunting deer when one accidently shot his friend. At the hospital the shooter asked the doctor if his friend would be ok. "Well, he WOULD have been if you hadn't gutted him."Two hunters shot a deer, and were dragging him to the car by the hind leg, which was difficult because the other legs kept snagging in the brush. "Chet, I've got an idea, I think we are doing this wrong. Let's try dragging him by the horns, like we were advised by the ammo store salesman." "OK," says Ivan. After a while, Ivan says, "I think this is a lot better because his legs fold up and don't get caught in the brush, but we seem to be getting farther from the car."A hunter just tagged his deer as the game warden walked up. "Where's your license," asked the warden. "Don't know," said the hunter. "OK, you're under arrest for no license. Follow me to the road, and help me drag the deer," said the warden. "No way," said the hunter. "You drag it." Two hours later, after the warden had dragged the deer to the road, the hunter remembered which pocket held the license.

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