One day, while being driven around the capitol, ...

One day, while being driven around the capitol, Hillary notices a young girl with a wagon full of kittens. On the lookout for a PR event, she stops to talk to the girl. As Hillary admires the kittens, the girl proudly boasts "All my kittens are Democrats!" Hillary thinks this is just the thing to show those nasty Republicans that even little children know the best party. She makes plans with the little girl to meet in a couple days with Bill and the press corps. When they meet, Bill kneels down in front of the girl and picks up a kitten. "Hillary says you have something special to tell me about your kittens" he says. "Yes, sir. All my kittens are Republicans!" Hillary splutters "You told me they were all Democrats!". The girl responds, "Yes ma'am, but that was before they opened their eyes."

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